Happy New Year!

We – Monika Vyslouzil and Helmut Kammerzelt, Silvia Udwary and Nicole Ettlinger – would like to wish you a very happy new year and are looking forward to continued good collaboration in the upcoming months. These are some of the things 2020 has in store for us:

UAS Board Elections 2020

The new UAS Board as well as a new Chairperson will be elected in June 2020, which is why a call for active and passive participation will go out to the teaching and research staff at the beginning of the year. We invite interested persons to think about whether they would like to become active members of the UAS Board. The candidates are requested to introduce themselves in person within the framework of the first “Tag der Nachhaltigkeit” (Sustainability Day) on 4 June 2020 at the St. Pölten UAS.

Board Topic “Sustainable Development“

Looking Back on the Board Reception in October 2019

Within the framework of last year’s Board Reception, c-tv conducted an interview with environmental historian Verena Winiwarter and Chairperson of the UAS Board Monika Vyslouzil on the topic of “sustainable educational institutions”. The video is available here.

Sustainable Development Lounge on 21 January 2020
“Couch Connections”: Film + Interview

In the 6th film screening of this series, UAS graduate Christoph Pehofer is going to present his film which won two awards at the Golden Wire. He has fulfilled his dream of making his own film – “Couch Connections” – which will be shown on 21 January 2020[AA1]  at 20:00 at Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten. You can register for this event via Cinema Paradiso here.

Sustainability Day on 4 June 2020

Information will be provided on the Microsite of the UAS Board. The site is currently under construction and the event is still in the planning stage (we are grateful for ideas).
Within the framework of the Sustainability Day, the students will have the opportunity to participate in a competition for student projects carried out within the framework of sustainable development. The jury will award 4 prizes worth 1,000 EUR each which are sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of the St. Pölten UAS and individual members thereof. For further information click here.

Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Science (FHK) Activities on the Subject of “Sustainable Development”

  • The FHK Symposium on 14 May 2020 titled “Challenge Accepted – mit 17 Zielen die Welt retten – Hochschulen und die globale Agenda 2030“ is going to involve contributions from the fields of teaching, research and administration, which is why it is aimed at the teaching and research staff as well as administrative staff.
  • Members of the FHK are currently working on a “Bündnis Nachhaltiger Fachhochschulen” (association of sustainable universities of applied sciences) as well.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Just like last year, 2020 will require us to keep several balls in the air and to take healthy walks between our various locations. We would like to thank you all for your commitment and flexibility. The prospect of improvements is increasingly taking shape in the form of our growing new building. After all, it is said that anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy. I hope that this anticipation will make up for all hardships that these interim solutions bring!

Monika Vyslouzil