UAS Board Reception – 17 October 2019

Following the 8th “Tag der Lehre” (Teaching Day) on 17 October 2019, the UAS Board Reception will be held under the title “Hochschule im Wandel. Nachhaltigkeit in Lehre, Forschung und Organisation“ (university in transition; sustainability in teaching, research and organisation). The guest lecture of Verena Winiwarter will be one of the highlights. The engineer for technical chemistry (HTL) studied history and journalism and holds a doctorate in environmental history. She was the first professor for environmental history (at Klagenfurt University) and has received several awards. At the Reception, she is going to hold a short lecture on “Welt im Wandel: Zur Dringlichkeit der nachhaltigen Transformation“ (a changing world: on the urgent need for sustainable transformation). In addition to the subsequent expert exchange with Ms Winiwarter, the Committee for Sustainable Development will present some ideas and first results as well with particular focus on SDG 4, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13 and SDG 15. After that, all guests are invited to a sustainable buffet.

Moreover, guests will have the opportunity to obtain information about the Foodsharing Project and to take food home with them while stocks last.

Registration form for the UAS Board Reception on 17 October 2019 here