Academic Year 2019/20 – Activities of the UAS Board

Welcome to the new academic year 2019/20. We would like to provide you with a short overview of all activities and dates of the UAS Board for the year ahead, starting with a brief review.

Since January 2018, the focus of many activities of the UAS Board has been on our annual topic of “Sustainable Development“. In addition, the Board continues to focus on genuinely board-relevant topics. The explicit plans currently extend into June 2020.

Temporary Committee for “Sustainable Development“
In consultation with the Executive Directors, the UAS Board installed a temporary Committee for Sustainable Development in April 2019. It is made up of staff members and students of the St. Pölten UAS who decide together which Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) ought to be given special priority at the St. Pölten UAS and which specific measures could be initiated. A clear demarcation between them is not always possible or even reasonable. The committee is currently working on the implementation of SDG 4SDG 11SDG 12SDG 13 and SDG 15 in particular. Furthermore, it is preparing a catalogue of measures which is to serve as the basis of the implementation of future projects.

Lecture Series: Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals – Online
In the winter semester 2018/19, the lecture series “Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals“ succeeded in creating a stronger awareness of this topic among students, colleagues and other interested parties at the St. Pölten UAS. The lecture series is still available online.

(Click here for further information about the lecture series in the winter semester 2018/19)

Schedule Updates on the Microsite

Current events on the topic of “Sustainable Development“ are regularly published on the microsite of the UAS Board where you can also read up on past activities.

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Work Shadowing

In the past academic year, our teaching staff once again sat in on each other’s lectures at regular intervals. The purpose of work shadowing is to maintain the high quality of our courses at the UAS. A work shadowing period covers two years and it is adjusted every year. For questions pertaining to “colleague work shadowing“, please refer to the team of the SKILL (Service and Competence Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning) in particular.

(Link to “search/offer work shadowing“ here)

Amendment of the Statute

Parts 1 (Organisation), 2 (Study Law), 3 (Equality, Promotion of Women) and 4 (Designations in the University System) of the Statute were revised in the course of the summer semester 2019.

(All parts are available for download in German here. The English version will follow in September.)

Outlook for the Upcoming Academic Year 2019/20

UAS Board Reception – 17 October 2019

Following the 8th “Tag der Lehre“ (Teaching Day) on 17 October 2019, the UAS Board Reception will be held under the title “Hochschule im Wandel. Nachhaltigkeit in Lehre, Forschung und Organisation“ (university in transition; sustainability in teaching, research and organisation). The guest lecture of Verena Winiwarter will be one of the highlights. The engineer for technical chemistry (HTL) studied history and journalism and holds a doctorate in environmental history. She was the first professor for environmental history (at Klagenfurt University) and has received several awards. At the Reception, she is going to hold a short lecture on “Welt im Wandel: Zur Dringlichkeit der nachhaltigen Transformation“ (a changing world: on the urgent need for sustainable transformation). In addition to the subsequent expert exchange with Ms Winiwarter, the Committee for Sustainable Development will present some ideas and first results as well with particular focus on SDG 4SDG 11SDG 12SDG 13 and SDG 15. After that, all guests are invited to a sustainable buffet.

Moreover, guests will have the opportunity to obtain information about the Foodsharing Project and to take food home with them while stocks last.

(Please find the programme and registration form for the UAS Board Reception on 17 October 2019 here)

Foodsharing: Kick-Off for UAS Fridge (SDG 3 and SDG 13: Nutrition and Climate) – 8 October 2019
The UAS Board and the university representation actively support the initiators of the Foodsharing Project. On 8 October 2019, a joint kick-off event will be held to celebrate the recently acquired fridge in the main building of the St. Pölten UAS. After watching the short film “Essen im Eimer“ together, there will be opportunities for discussion and exchange, as well as for foodsharing.

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UAS Board Elections 2020
In 2020, the UAS Board is going to hold elections once again. The call for the passive participation of the teaching and research staff is going to be issued at the beginning of 2020. We would like to point out that interested parties can already consider whether they would like to become active members of the UAS Board. We kindly ask the candidates to introduce themselves to the teaching and research staff within the framework of the first “Tag der Nachhaltigkeit“ (Sustainability Day) on 4 June 2020 at the St. Pölten UAS.

Tag der Nachhaltigkeit (Sustainability Day) – 4 June 2020
The candidates for the next UAS Board Elections 2020 and the initiatives and (research) projects of the St. Pölten UAS on the topic of sustainability will be presented on this day. The Sustainability Day offers an opportunity to present the work of the Temporary Committee for Sustainable Development as well as all research and teaching projects related to sustainable development at the St. Pölten UAS. We invite all staff members to think about whether and how their own lectures/research are related to the Sustainable Development Goals and in how far a lecture or research activity (project work, bachelor thesis, master thesis, etc.) can contribute to achieving the Agenda 2030.

Further details regarding Sustainability Day will follow!

Scientists for Future – 20-27 September 2019
Scientists for Future supports the “Global Climate Action Week“ from 20 to 27 September 2019. On 20 September 2019, a “Fridays for Future“ campaign will be held starting at the train station in St. Pölten at 13:30

For further details, please refer to Scientists for Future and Fridays for Future

“Sustainable Development“ Lounge
The successful “Sustainable Development“ Lounge with the Cinema Paradiso and the Board of the St. Pölten UAS is going to be continued: the fifth film presentation with subsequent expert and audience discussion takes place in mid-November / at the beginning of December.

(Link to the “Sustainable Development“ Lounge here)

Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK) Workshop Website

The Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK) is once more going to offer various workshops in the upcoming academic year. There will be two new offers in addition to the tried and tested “standard programme“:

  • “Teaching and Learning with Smartphone & Co.“
  • “Writing for the Internet“

Please register for the winter semester 2019/20 at:

Annex in German

·    Demands of the Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK) for the future Federal Government 2019

FHK Forderungen an die künftige Bundesregierung 2019.pdf

·         Overview of the political parties‘ answers

Überblick Antworten Parteien.pdf