Welcome to the Presentation of the Annual Topic of the UAS Board:

2018/19: “Sustainable Development”

“Sustainable Development” is a suitable topic to follow the previous year’s focus on “Ethics” as ethics is a crosscutting theme and therefore remains a topic of discussion in the future. In order to emphasize the process nature of the topic, the term „Sustainable Development“ (SD) was ultimately chosen. A strong impetus for choosing this topic came from the development and adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (September 2015) as well as the general tendency to consider sustainability from a social, economic and ecological point of view. The “manual” topic Sustainable Development has been an important issue for the UAS Board since January 2018 and continues due to the great extent of the topic. The plans for this long ‘year’ currently extend into the year 2020.” As part of the working committee for Sustainable Development a list of measures has already been created.

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2017/18: “Ethics”

In the last UAS Board meeting before the turn of the year 2016/17, the members of the Board were influenced by the current socio-political discourse. Therefore, we decided to take on an annual topic – in addition to the tasks determined by the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (FHStG) – to contribute to an educated society. 2017 and the first half of the year 2018 dealt with the topic of “Ethics”.

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